Wellness Program

With the new healthcare plans, you will have the opportunity to earn up to $500 in deductible credit dollars by participating in the wellness program. By focusing on wellness and managing our health conditions, we are better able to control our medical expenses in the future and stabilize the cost for coverage.

When you complete the online Health Risk Assessment, you will earn $100. When you complete your biometric screening, you will earn $200. If the results of your assessments and screening indicate that you have high risk health factors, you may participate in the health coaching program at the Health and Wellness Center to earn another $200. If you are not deemed to be high risk, you will automatically earn the additional $200. For 2017 only employees will be eligible to participate in the Wellness Program. You may use the funds you earn to receive a reimbursement for the last $500 of your deductible expenses for 2017. Any unspent HRA dollars will NOT roll over.

The Health Risk Assessment and biometric screening can be completed at the CCG Health and Wellness Center at no cost to you, or you may choose to have your biometric screening completed by your Primary Care Physician. If you choose to use your Primary Care Physician the results must be provided to the CCG Health and Wellness Center in order to receive the applicable deductible credit.

If you are deemed high risk and require health coaching, you will be awarded the additional $200 of deductible credit once maintenance status is reached or you have remained in compliance with your health coach for at least 6 months. Maintenance status will be determined by your health coach.

You must meet the first portion of your deductible before filing for reimbursement of your earned Wellness funds. To obtain reimbursement for your incurred deductible you must complete the Continuon HRA Claim Form and provide them with a copy of your most recent Explanation of Benefits from Blue Cross Blue Shield showing the last portion of your deductible has been met. You can choose to receive your reimbursement by check or direct deposit. If you earn additional wellness funds after submitting for reimbursement, you must submit an additional claim form, seeking reimbursement for those newly added funds.

Continuon HRA Claim Form

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