Qualifying Life Events

Qualifying Events:

You may change your benefit elections during the annual Open Enrollment period OR during the year if you experience a Qualifying Life Event.

Please note: You must contact your benefits administrator within 31 days of the event date to make any changes. Failure to make elections within the given time-period will result in the inability to make changes until the following open enrollment.

Qualifying Events include, but not limited to:

Marriage: Within 31 days of the date of marriage, you may add your spouse to your existing medical, dental, or vision coverage, or drop your coverage to go on your spouse’s plan. You will need to complete the appropriate forms and provide a copy of your certified marriage certificate.  You should also review your beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement savings, and pension plans.

Divorce: You have 31 days from the date of the divorce to make a change to your current coverage. If you currently cover your spouse, you must drop his or her coverage for medical, dental, vision, etc. However, you may continue to cover children. You will be required to complete the appropriate forms and provide a signed copy of the divorce decree. You should also review beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement, etc.

Birth, Adoption, or having a child placed in your custody or guardianship: Within 30 days of the birth, adoption, or court order, you may add the child(ren) to your existing medical and ancillary products OR drop coverage to pick up spouse’s insurance. At this point, you can also elect child life insurance through the Bswift portal. Required documentation will be required including, but not limited to: birth certificate, adoption order or decree, court order.

Death of a spouse or covered dependent: Within 30 days of the death, you are eligible to make changes to your current coverages. If you lose coverage elsewhere from the deceased spouse, you may elect new benefits for health insurance and ancillary products. A death certificate will be required to make any changes/elections. Please review all beneficiary information.

Loss/Gain of coverage elsewhere: Within 30 days of losing or gaining coverage elsewhere, you are eligible to elect or drop health insurance and ancillary products. Documentation will be required including, but not limited to; creditable coverage letter with coverage termination or effective date and individuals insured.

Dependent(s) Loses PeachCare or Medicaid: You have 60 days from the date of the dependent losing PeachCare or Medicaid coverage to make a change to your health benefit coverage. State Health will require documentation in the form of a letter from PeachCare or Medicaid documenting date of loss and reasons of loss /discontinuation of coverage.


How to Declare a Qualifying Event:

  • Log on to myshbp.com to declare QE and make changes to your health insurance.
  • Log on to bartowcountyschools.bswift.com OR call ShawHankins (770-382-0951 or 1-800-994-7429) to make changes to your ancillary products.
  • Contact benefit specialist, Mallory Whorton, at the central office to inform her of your QE for payroll deduction purposes. 770-606-5800 extension 3814


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