Medical and Pharmacy Coverage

For 2017, active employees may choose coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, with BCBS you have a POS plan option. Grandfathered active employees may also choose to remain on the BCBS PPO plan.

Retirees that are not Medicare eligible will continue to have the BCBS POS plan or PPO plan (if grandfathered) as options. If you are a retiree that is Medicare eligible, you will be enrolled in the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.
Active Employees and Pre-65 Retirees

BCBS Member Site

2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan – SPD

2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield POS Plan – SPD

2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield POS Plan – Summary  SBC

2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan – Summary  SBC

PharmAvail Prescription Summary Plan Description

BCBS Plans-PharmAvail Rx Formulary


Medicare Eligible Retirees

Aetna Member Guide

Aetna Medicare Advantage Rx Formulary

Aetna Retiree Website

Humana 2018 Open Enrollment Presentation

2018 Retiree Open Enrollment Presentation

Humana Retiree Website

Humana Silver Sneakers Flyer

Humana Added Benefits Flyer

Humana Summary of Benefit Coverage

Humana Pharmacy Mail Order Flyer

2018 Humana Formulary


Health Benefit Waiver Option:

The Health Benefit Waiver Option is a choice you can make to waive health insurance coverage under the City’s health insurance plan, and instead receive $300 per year (single coverage) or $500  per year (family coverage) from the City. This amount will be deposited into the Flexible Benefits Reimbursement account in your name to help pay for qualified out of pocket medical expenses incurred by you or your family members. In order to qualify to participate in this plan, you must have health insurance coverage from another provider and show proof of that coverage. After providing proof of other health insurance coverage, you and any covered family member must sign a waiver of COBRA coverage.

To enroll complete a Health Benefit Waiver Option Agreement form and submit to Benefits Division.

Health Benefit Waiver Option Agreement Form


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