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Accident Insurance

Accidents happen in places where you and your family spend the most time – at work, in the home or during sports and leisure activities.

Most traditional insurance doesn’t cover every medical expense, leaving you to pay out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, office visit co-pays, and transportation or lodging costs . Can you afford to pay all of the costs related to an accidental injury?

Forsyth County Schools offers voluntary Group Accident Insurance through Unum. Unum’s Accident Insurance is designed to help you through the different stages of care for an accidental injury by providing benefits directly to you for initial care and treatment, in addition to the follow-up care you may need .

The accident plan is guaranteed issue, so no health questions are required. Coverage is also available for your spouse and children.

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent accidents from happening – Accident insurance helps provide the additional financial security we need in case they do.

Please review the plan documents to see the full policy and coverage details.

Click here to review legal and compliance documents. By electing coverage you will be confirming that you have reviewed all required legal and compliance documents.

Cancer Insurance

Early diagnosis of cancer greatly improves your outcome for survival. According to the National Cancer Institute, the cancer survival rate has greatly improved over the past two decades due to early detection and more advanced treatment options.1

The costs associated with cancer treatment can seem overwhelming to those affected and to their families as well.Cancer coverage is designed to help offset some of these expenses. Depending on your specific policy, the payments you may receive could support the treatment crucial to your short and long term care as well as protect your assets after diagnosis.

Overall, a Cancer policy will help you pay for a variety of expenses associated with cancer care such as your out-of-pocket medical costs, home healthcare, rehabilitation and much more.

Please review the plan documents to see the full policy and coverage detail.

Aflac Cancer Plan Flyer


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