Qualifying Life Events

Once you make your benefit elections as a new employee or during the Annual Open Enrollment period, you cannot make changes to those elections until the next plan year unless you experience an eligible qualifying event. A qualifying event  may allow you to add, change or delete coverage options. For these changes to take effect, you must notify your Employer’s Benefits Administrator within 31 days of the qualifying event as well as provide any required supporting documentation. If the Administrator is not notified within the allowable time frame, you’ll be required to wait until the next Annual Open Enrollment to make any benefit changes, unless you experience another eligible qualifying event within the same plan year.

Please contact ShawHankins to make any changes to your dental or vision coverage based on a qualifying life event.

Qualifying Events include, but may not be limited to:

  • Birth, adoption of a child, or placement for adoption
  • Change in marital status (Marriage/Divorce)
  • Change in your spouse’s employment resulting in a gain or loss of coverage
  • Your spouse’s or dependent’s loss of eligibility for other group health coverage
  • Death of a spouse or dependent, only if the dependent is currently enrolled
  • Medicare/Medicaid eligibility

Please note the benefit changes you elect must be consistent with the Qualifying Event you have experienced. Again, coverage elections and/or changes are not effective until approved by your Employer’s Benefits Administrator.

To make changes to your Local Benefits when you have experienced a qualifying event-dental, vision, life, disability, etc.; you can either contact the ShawHankins Call Center at 1-800-994-7429 or see your benefits administrator at your board office.  You will need to provide supporting documentation of the qualifying event (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc) to ShawHankins via email customerservice@shawhankins.com or via fax 770-382-0853.   

To make changes to your medical coverage for a qualifying event, please log on to the State Health Portal below:


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