A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is a tax-advantaged benefit that allows both employees and employers to save on the cost of healthcare. HRA plans are employer-funded medical reimbursement plans. The employer sets aside a specific amount of pre-tax dollars for employees to pay for health care expenses on an annual basis.  The HRA provided by Meriwether County reimburses a portion of your medical plan deductible.  The HRA is administered by Admin America.

This reimbursement is only available to employees enrolled in the medical coverage provided by Meriwether County.  The medical plan total deductible is $5,000.  Once you meet the first $1,500 of the deductible, Meriwether County will reimburse the last $3,500 through the HRA.  Some providers may require upfront payments toward the remaining $3,500.  Other providers may bill you after services are received.  You may submit any amounts, paid out or incurred, to Admin America for reimbursement.

Beginning January 1, 2018; Meriwether County will be moving the administration of the HRA to Continuon Services.  They will handle any reimbursement for deductibles that are met in 2018.  If you still have deductible that needs reimbursement from 2017 you will need to continue to send that claim into Admin America, and your deadline for 2017 reimbursement is March 31, 2018.


To Be Used for 2017 Reimbursements

Admin America Information listed below is to be used for 2017 reimbursements ONLY, and this information will expire on April 1, 2018.


To Be Used for 2018 Reimbursements

Continuon Service Information listed below is to be used for 2018 reimbursements ONLY.  If you have a claim from 2017 please see above information on Admin America.


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